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Icon Post 1

Alrighty, very first icon post! 

Rules and Info: 
1.) If you use one of these, credit me as paisleyrheys 

2.) None of these are stocks. Textless does not mean stock.

3.) Comments would be wonderful, if you take or like any of these! : ) 

I take no credit for the original stock images, or any of the characters, people, or other subjects.

Icon Total: 102

Star Trek (
TOS and XII Spock), Models (Denise Bidot and Olgay Kurylenko), Animals (Sharks, Cats, Goldfish, Pigs, Red Pandas, Turtles), Foods (Valentines Day and Assorted Cupcakes).



All icons under the cutCollapse )

Thanks for looking! : ) 

Remember, none of these are stocks. If you just HAVE to have one as a stock (I don't really think I'm that awesome), contact me to ask.

Commenting if you take would be lovely. I'm still new at icon making (brand new, actually), so it'd be nice to hear about.

update, a hobby (maybe), and a color

Life Update blah blah blah: 

I start my spring semester tomorrow. x.x Six classes instead of seven...but seven was absolutely insane, so I'm still taking quite a lot. While I have the money to do so, though, I'm taking as much as I can.

I'm taking two education classes, a seminar on the Brontes, a class in Transcendentalism (whyyyy), and a class in Modern Criticism (because it is require).

And Spanish forever, because the amount of foreign language credits required for an English degree is somewhat mad as well.

Something I've been trying, sort of a hobby...maybe:

Also, I've started making icons for fun.  Most of them are probably pretty lame, but I'm going to post them anyway. u-u

And now, a color.

amarissia gave me a color meme. u-u She gave me orange, so here are ten things I like that are orange: 

1. sunburst bearded dragons
2. sunsets and sun rises ( though all the other colors in those are really pretty too )
3. traffic cones! ( I want one ) 
4.  satsumas
5. golden lion marmosets
6.  cheez-its (I don't like cheese nips D: ) 
7. peaches
8. tiger lilies
9. goldfish ( the animal ) 
10. salmon sushi

...the majority of those were food and animals.


back home, and happy holidays to everyone!

I went to see luminentlight (first time in person!), and am back from visiting, as of about thirty minutes ago. She is really just too sweet u-u. And her head smells nice. That also.

It went by really quickly! Her parents got me gifts and took me out for my birthday (which isn't until Christmas, but I won't be there for Christmas, so), and her dog even gave me something...sort of...he brought me a piece of a cast. Anyway.

The airports were amazingly not packed all to hell, what with the twenty-third and the twenty-fourth being the worse flying days pre-Christmas u-u

Tomorrow, for Christmas Eve, I'm going visit my dad's side of the family, across the river, and hope that someone took up my desperate plea for a DVD player for Christmas, because mine is dead, and I never have money to replace anything. XP 

And, on Christmas Day, my birthday....I'm going to sit around with the animals, and tea, and maybe just relax. x.x

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, New Years, whatever holiday you do celebrate, and if you don't, just have a wonderful winter season! : ) 


So, this happened at my university


Moving on.


I felt like a secret agent

Something exciting occurred this morning.

So, after wandering, dazedly, out of a Spanish exam, I sat down on a bench outside of the university's main library.

And found that someone had left behind an iPhone. 

It was unlocked. The screen was a picture of a chihuahua sniffing a parrot. Just, in case that is relevant to the story at all. I don't know. I don't know what gets you into a story. Maybe it's details. I'm being accommodating. Anyway.

For a few minutes I just sat next to it, not wanting anyone to just pass by and steal it, but also not wanting to pick it up, in case, at that exact moment, the owner sprinted over, called me a thief, and bludgeoned me to death with...something nearby and on hand.

That was silly (probably), though, so I picked it up, scrolled through the contacts, and sent a text to this person's mother. I informed her that the phone had been found on the university campus, and that it would be waiting for her son and/or (you never know) daughter to pick up at the library's reserve desk. 

Then I walked in, like a boss, and dropped off the phone.

I feel like this should at least equate into a free pumpkin latte, or, even better, a chai latte, but I also feel like the good people at the library coffee shop will not agree with that.

Today is wet and windy, and I have no money for food or nice, warm drinks. ; - ;

But I'm going for a secret agent image here, and whining about that sort of ruins it.

Where was I?


I need these people to follow me into certain events in my life. Except they'd probably get annoying.

Now I've sort of strayed from the story altogether.


So, in exactly one month I'll be flying to Utah to see luminentlight  If I could grow a different face and lose twenty-million pounds in that time, that'd be super.


On with the previously scheduled programming then.

Between now and then, I have the following to accomplish, and more following that I'd like to accomplish. I feel listing it will help me get it done u-u

This week (in order)

~Spanish homework (tonight and tomorrow night)
~Participation commentary for Education Curriculum and Instruction 2001 (tonight)
~Study for Spanish quiz (tonight)
~Study for EDCI 2001 quiz (tonight)
~Pre, attending, post posts for my Adolescent Literature class (by tomorrow and Thursday night)
~Inclusion paper for EDCI 3001 (Thursday night)
~Study for Spanish exam (Thursday night)
~Am. Lit essay (Friday, Saturday, unfortunately probably Sunday night) 
~At some point this week I also have to decide what I want to write about for my final paper in Adolescent Lit. u-u
~Work to calm hysterical English students who are just now realizing they DO have to take an Exit Exam in English (90, 91, 94, 9etc, 101) and that they have not passed with anything higher than a D on any essay thus far. While trying to do my own homework.
~Book Review for Adolescent Lit.

Thanksgiving week (week after this one x.x)

 ~Oral Exam in Spanish (fail) 
~Theory to Practice paper for EDCI 2001
~Paper on SOMETHING for Adolescent Lit (ten pages, at least u-u) 
~Do something Thanksgivingy with family. Probably depressing. I am such an optimist. Anyway.
~40 hours of field reports for EDCI 3001 because I have not found the time to write up any of them. Dear baby Jesus.
~Repeat above for work

Week after Thanksgiving

~Mail Christmas presents to overseas people. Hopefully the post offices will align with the stars and presents will arrive before January.
~Find money to mail presents overseas for Christmas
~Write final paper for Brit Lit
~Probably (knowing me) STILL write that paper for Adolescent Lit
~scrape together money and go clothes shopping, as I have nothing to pack for Utah, or wear at all anyway
~Repeat above for work x14324089 desperation, as this is exam week at the community college, and they will literally be cramming at the last possible second

Week after (finals for me)

~Cram at the last possible second.
~Brit Lit Final Paper (due Monday)
~Spanish Exam (Tuesday)
~EDCI 2001 (Wednesday night. Late. Nothing higher than a C for anyone in the class, guaranteed) 
~Adolescent Lit (Thursday) 
~Am. Lit (Friday) 
~EDCI 3001 will be due sometime this week, online.
All go until five PM or later x.x
~Sell back my textbooks to scrape together money for a RenFest trip

 Week after THAT

~brave airports
~try to still be coherent

Things I would LIKE to do in ANY of that time before the week after Thanksgiving: 

~finish TOS
~finish my sewing projects
~ finish writing five different things
~be more sociable than "hey, can't talk right now" 
~scrape together money to spend in Utah (lots of scraping not happening)
~clean anything
~make candy for the elementary school teachers in my town (it's a tradition that I have thus far managed not to break. I've also never had THIS MUCH going on x.x) 

Encouragement would be lovely.
Organization is not supposed to be this daunting. ; - ;
Also, I probably forgot a lot.

Cats for Cloud

So, I told amarissia 's Cloud that I would put up pictures of my cats for him to compare to Silverstream. Watch me deliver! (plus a puppy who thinks he's a cat)pictures behind the cutCollapse )

One day I'll ramble about my favorite pet of ever.

It was a lizard. He was seriously the best pet I ever had, but it's a terribly angsty story. So I'll save it for one of those days.

Anyway. Sorry about the picspam. x.x


more of the same

This is amber_lovechild  on a new account.

It has been...over a year since I was on LJ, and I hope to rectify that. x.x

Knowing my track record, I'm not sure what will happen, but yes.

If anyone's curious about where I've been, and what I've been up to, I'll ramble (briefly?) about that.

I've been in the Southern United States (I like to hope no one will stereotype me for where I live), still, for better or worse.

I've been plodding my way through a college degree, which I hope to have finished before I'm too old to use it. We'll see. I transferred from a college to a university recently, which was obscenely filled with anxiety and overall incompetency. My schedule this semester is insane because of that. There were hardly any classes left for me to take by the time I was allowed to schedule, and I was not allowed to apply for any scholarships. I can try next year, apparently. I'm working at my old college, and driving back and forth between the two, in addition to the hour drive it takes for me to get from home to the city. Lots of driving.

I still have three cats and a dog, who recently turned two. He's a mess. Pictures will probably go up at some point.

Most of my time now is spent furiously trying to keep my grades up in classes, working, or bothering the handful of people I can still coordinate with enough to have conversations.

In the next month, I desperately hope to be able to go to a RenFest and to compile enough money for Christmas gifts. Oh, and I hope to survive this semester.

So...how is everyone else?